Template appendix for FRA and FVC checks

The gambling act review, initially announced in 2020 and subject to various delays until the release of the whitepaper earlier on in 2023, is a significant milestone in the regulation of the gambling industry. One of its primary objectives is to ensure the highest levels of player protection whilst maintaining integrity.

The financial vulnerability checks and financial risk assessment proposals, outlined in the consultation which closed on October 18th 2023, are intended to identify individuals who may be at risk of experiencing financial harm. Operators will be expected to employ advanced tools and techniques to assess a customer's financial circumstances, including significant updates to policy documents and controls.

W2 By FullCircl and Luke ARC have worked together to show Operators what these requirements might look like in policy format.

This document is a draft template appendix which considers the current proposals from the ‘financial risk checks consultation’. Although the current proposed LCCP updates may be subject to change, historically, the proposals put forward in consultations from the Commission have later been enforced, for the most part, as written.

What you'll learn

  • How to effectively implement non-intrusive financial risk checks.
  • Understand the most important and actionable sections of the updated gambling regulation.
  • How to combine identity verification with safer gambling protocols for more effective due diligence.

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“Over recent years, Operators have been urged to review and update their policies, procedures and controls for combating money laundering considering the latest guidance when issued by the various gambling Regulators.
With W2 providing our AML screening & monitoring solution, we can identify potential risks faster and take remedial action whilst reducing unnecessary false positives.”


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